Dependencies of the Museum of Vojvodina


Kulpin Museum Complex


The Museum in Kulpin comprises the nucleus settlement from the second half of the eighteenth and the first half of the nineteenth century. This compound of buildings consists of two mansions with extra facilities, built by the members of the noble Stratimirović family, encapsulating the gardens, the old school building, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Parochial House. Although historically not belonging to the same epoch, the Slovak Evangelical Church, built between 1875-1879 as well as the house where Patriarch Djordje Branković was born, subsequently reconstructed in 1899 to become a Serbian religious school, are also part of this complex.

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Ethno-house "Brvnara" in Bački Jarak

In Bački Jarak, there is an ethno-house – Brvnara - situated just a little bit away from the centre, next to the main road. It is in the park among pine and fir trees, protected from the glances of indifferent passers by, transferred, however, into another space and time opened up to each visitor who wants to devote to it at least a bit of time.

Музејска кућа Вајат Млечар Курузана
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