Serbian-English issues of the Museum of Vojvodina available in digital form


Under the title Electronic Editions on our website, there are also some Serbian-English issues of the Museum of Vojvodina in digital form: A Guide through the Kulpin Museum Complex (2013), Bratislava Idvorean Stefanović, Carpet Weaving Techniques among Serbs in Vojvodina (2009), Drago Njegovan and Zoran Veljanović, From Dream to Reality. The Unification of Vojvodina to Serbia 1918 (2018), Tijana Stanković Pešterac, Drago Njegovan, Lidija Mustedanagić, Guide – Museum of Vojvodina – Permanent Exhibitions (2019), Ljubica Otić, Michael I. Pupin (second edition, 2019), Zoran Veljanović, Military Hats and Helmets from the Middle of the 19th Century by the Middle of the 20th Century (2019), Lidija Mustedanagić, Miloš Crnjanski (2017), Bratislava Idvorean Stefanović, Old Waves and Forgotten Interlaces (2014) Pivnički (2016), Velika Dautova Ruševljan and Miroslav Vujović, Roman Army in Srem (2006), Tijana Stanković Pešterac, Roman Gilded Helmets of the Museum of Vojvodina (2019), Dalibor Nedvidek, Serbian Medieval Coinage from the Kingdom Period (2017), Bratislava Idvorean Stefanović, Textile Structures – Weave Interlaces. Based on the Textile Collections of the Museum of Vojvodina (2013), Lidija Mustedanagić, The Story of the Ex-Libris (2011), Ivan Čakan, Traditional Sheep Keeping in Vojvodina (2011).



 The site also contains 14 issues of the Work of the Museum of Vojvodina, as well as the Bibliography of the Work of Vojvodinian Museums 1-35 / Work of the Museum of Vojvodina 36-50 (19522008), which are available under the title Work of the Museum of Vojvodina.

Lidija Mustredanagić