The estate building

The estate building was situated in the center of the farm complex. Landowners used to own houses in Novi Sad, Budapest and even in Vienna. Mansions on the estates served as summer dwellings. Estate stewards would have managed the estate, and they would have spent the whole year on the estate, just as the servants.

The central building at Kulpin estate included the steward’s and servants’ premises and the warehouses for agricultural products. The high attic space sheltered the wheat, while in the basement, which was as large as the entire building, food and other necessary staff was kept.

After WWII, when the estate was nationalized to be turned into an agricultural cooperative, the estate building still kept its previous function, but a part of the basement was turned into a central heating boiler room, whereas the rest of the space was adapted into a kitchen and a restaurant. After the Agricultural Museum Complex had moved in, the museum administration staff worked there for a while. One part serves as a depot. The cellar, where once the restaurant used to be, is now used by the Women’s Association of Kulpin as well as by the Museum, for various training programs. Regarding plans for the future, an educational center with boarding capacities will be set up in this building, once the reconstruction works are completed.